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Accordance 11 Upgrade

You may be scratching your head thinking, “is it worth it to upgrade my to Accordance version 11?” We gave a major overview of what Accordance Bible software offers. I would like to share 5 reasons that I think it is worth upgrading to Accordance 11.

This is an incredible upgrade that makes studying for a message or lesson, or just to understand Scriptures much more efficient.

5 Upgrade Features

1. Info Pane — Verse-Level ResourcesInfo Pane

First and foremost on my list of things is the Info Pane. This was missing in Accordance, though I didn’t really realize it until I upgraded. Missing this feature was a big hole in Accordance. The Info Pane has filled the gap.

The Info Pane, is really quite incredible and yet slightly different than what any other Bible program offers—at least to my knowledge. It shows all commentaries, cross-references, topics, and parallel passages to the verse being viewed. This now puts every resource in your library at your finger tips. This saves you the time of searching through commentaries, or even overlooking that obscure commentary that you don’t use as often. It makes our job of digging out those gold nuggets of truth a much easier task.

2. Notes — Unicode

Being bi-lingual and having studied a little bit of Greek, Unicode is important to me. I learned a long time ago about the importance of character coding. I will not go into the technical details of it here. But, if you want to copy and paste Greek or Hebrew into your notes, this will be a huge help to you. Or perhaps you are also bi-lingual and need some of those obscure characters on a keyboard on a regular basis. This will be invaluable to you as your notes section will now be more cooperative for you.

3. Quick Entry — Word List on Lookups

Quick EntryThis is an excellent addition. Many times I know the name of a Bible character however I cannot remember how to spell it in the language that I’m studying at the time. Being able to type the first few characters and then see it in a list is a great time-saving feature for us. Many Bible names and places are quite foreign to us, and therefore hard to remember or spell. Sometimes there are two names that are similar. The quick entry enables us to see them and pick the one we want. That is a great feature.

4. Bookmarks on the Desktop

Bookmarks on the DesktopOne of my favorite features on iOS that I have really missed on the desktop is Bookmarks. Yes, I bookmark verses. Sometimes I will study a passage, and want to continue to refer to that passage. A Bookmark is a great way to do just that. I can flip away, and read a parallel passage. When I’m finished studying the parallel, I can then go right back to my primary passage. This is a great addition.

5. Topical Search

Topical SearchTopical search is helpful for finding what you need on a specific topic. Sometimes it is tough to find a specific verse on a specific topic. This will greatly aid Bible teachers and preachers to find the verse they have been looking for. Or perhaps it will help them locate that verse they knew was in there, but could not remember where it was, even though they knew the topic it dealt with.

Check out the original review of Accordance version 10. The review is still applicable to this version of the software. After you check out the review, head over to the Accordance website for more information.

About Shane Rice

Shane Rice is a church-planting missionary serving in Italy after working in Peru for 11 years. God has blessed Shane and his wife with 6 children. Besides being a missionary, Shane shares a love for technology and is always looking for ways to make ministry more streamlined by using tech tools.

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