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When needing to read lots of content online one of the simplest tool I have found to help is Zap Reader. Zap Reader allows you to copy and paste the text you need to consume into the tool to be read at a pre-defined speed. The text is shown one word or several words at a time. It is easy to change the reading speed and jump back and forward a sentence at a time if necessary by using keyboard shortucts.

Zap Reader LogoMy settings are currently one word at a time at 450 WPM. Every few days I switch between one word and four words at a time. I am trying to increase my reading speed on regular reading material. Learning to see more than one word at a time is important for speed reading.

One of the ways I use the tool is to do my daily Bible reading with it. Using Zap Reader helps me get through a book of the Bible faster and has helped me have the first of the book fresh in my mind as I get towards the back of the book. At times I take and savor each word of the Bible. At other times I am looking for cohesiveness throughout the Word of God. Zap Reader is what I am currently using to see the big picture in God’s Word.

While there are many websites that have the text of the Bible available, I have recently found one that works really well with Zap Reader. Zap Reader pauses briefly between paragraphs. Normal Bible text has a paragraph break after each verse which causes Zap Reader to pause often. The Christ Notes website has the text of the King James Bible broken into paragraphs instead of individual verses. This helps keep the text together and eliminates the pause between each verse in Zap Reader.

I use Zap Reader on other text that I am trying to consume quickly. When I have a long piece that I want to read at any time, then I still use Instapaper and send the text to my Kindle reader.

The beautiful thing about the various tools online is that you may find one that works for you in every case. Or, you may find that each tool has a certain feature that works best for you in special situations. Don’t be afraid to try a variety.

About David Peach

David is a missionary working with the Deaf. His focus is helping churches in Latin America start ministries for the Deaf in their communities. He currently lives with his wife and kids in Mérida, México. David also serves as the Director of Deaf Ministries for his mission board, Baptist International Outreach.

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