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This guest post is written by Bob MacLeod. Bob serves with Campus Crusade for Christ as the project manager for DonorWise, a ministry donation software. He installs DonorWise in Campus Crusade’s overseas offices. He wrote the documentation for TntMPD and is a frequent contributor to the forums. He also travels the world teaching TntMPD as a regular part of his ministry.

TntMPD logo imageTntMPD is a missionary-focused contact manager uniquely designed to help missionaries build relationships with donors as they seek God’s provision for their ministry funds.

TntMPD was developed by a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member, Troy Wolbrink, for his own benefit in managing his relationships with his ministry partners. (In Campus Crusade, the fund development process is called MPD, “Ministry Partner Development”). The name of the software, TntMPD, is an acronym for Troy and Tammy [Wolbrink’s] Ministry Partner Development. Though he originally wrote it for his own use, it quickly spread to his co-workers and then to their friends, and eventually to those in other mission agencies. Today, approximately 8000 missionaries in more than 150 mission agencies use TntMPD. Because Troy raises his own support, he is able to make TntMPD available completely free at www.tntmpd.com.

If TntMPD saves each missionary 4-6 hours of administration per month for 8000 missionaries, that’s equivalent to sending hundreds of additional missionaries into the field.

As mentioned above, TntMPD has three primary functions:

  1. Contact Management In addition to many obvious contact management features like name and address, TntMPD helps build relationships with partners by tracking birthdays and anniversaries, children, church, employer, etc. Aside from just managing the names and addresses and downloading gifts, TntMPD’s most popular feature is the automated mail merge feature for producing newsletters.
  2. Task Management Building relationships with a large team of donors requires a lot of phone calls, appointments, and letters/emails. Over the years, these can add up into the thousands. Outlook, the most common (I can’t say “most popular”) contact manager, is terrible at tracking tasks with contacts.
  3. Gift Management TntMPD records all of the gifts from donors, and generates tasks related to their giving. The automatic actions are specific to the partner and in response to their financial commitment. For more than 100 mission organizations, they automate this gift input by making it possible for TntMPD users to download gifts directly into TntMPD.

It is the donation management features that set TntMPD apart from basic contact managers such as Act!, Outlook, Google, etc. There are many easy tools for managing names and addresses, and some of those also work well for recording tasks and history such as appointments and phone calls. TntMPD correlates people to the gifts they give, and then generates tasks in response to the contact’s giving. For example, if I tell TntMPD that a donor commits to $50 per month and that donor gives a $250 extra gift, TntMPD will automatically generate a “thank you” task. On my own, I may not have noticed that extra gift.

It is this kind of automation that has proven helpful to many missionaries who use TntMPD. Prior to TntMPD, every missionary had to meticulously review their monthly giving reports looking for donors who gave extra gifts as well as checking to see that partners were current on their commitments. TntMPD not only looks for extra gifts, but also helps the missionary be aware of all unusual giving—above or below their normal commitment.

TntMPD is useful to missionaries at whatever extent they want to use the software. Some use only a few features, while others would describe themselves as “heavy users.” Yet both benefit.

I compare this to two of Intuit’s personal finance tools. Mint.com is delightfully simple, but you have to accept the few features it has; Quicken, on the other hand, is woefully complex for many people, even if they only want to use it simply. But TntMPD does simple and complex things equally well.

TntMPD offers several features that are really helpful if a missionary chooses to use them.

  1. Appeal Tracking tracks special gifts that are given for specific projects. Many missionaries send specific appeals for projects. TntMPD not only tracks the results of specific fund appeals, but also keep those gifts separate from a donor’s regular giving.
  2. TntSync helps spouses use TntMPD separately but keep their databases synchronized easily. One spouse can record phone calls, while another might record a “thank you” written and update an address. When they run TntSync, it sends each person’s task to the other’s TntMPD database so that both have the same information.
  3. TntMPD Pro brings the power of TntMPD to whole teams and even small ministries. A local ministry with five donation accounts can track all of them in one TntMPD database (separate from the individual missionaries own databases), and still synchronize them among the team members using TntSync.
  4. Reporting and Analysis Tools help missionaries review their donors’ giving and help them plan for their fund development. Personally, I had given up raising funds in my home city (Salt Lake City, Utah) because of so much difficulty doing so over the years. But then I discovered when using TntMPD’s analysis tools that Utah was our number one source of funds, even though my wife was from Minnesota. I trusted God anew and stepped out in faith, and since then, almost all of our new support has come from Utah—a state I had all but abandoned.
  5. Comprehensive Help is available right in TntMPD. For any screen a user is in, they just press F1 and get help for that screen. The TntMPD web site—which can be accessed right from within TntMPD—also has a very active forum where users can get answers to questions, or download helps like Handy Reference Guides, a self-study guide, and a packet of tips.
  6. TntMPD.DataServer is a free tool for mission organizations that allows the individual missionaries to download the donation information into their own copy of TntMPD from the organization database.
  7. TntTranslator allows users to translate TntMPD (and the help tools) into their own language using one of three methods: right on the TntMPD web site (ideal for shared translation efforts), in an Excel text file, or in TntTranslator itself (ideal for someone translating everything themselves).

Download and install TntMPD to help you stay better connected to your supporters. It is available for Windows and Mac. If you have any questions you can find the answers in the forums by searching or by asking for specific help for your needs. There is also a Facebook fan page where you can stay up to date with announcements about TntMPD.

About Bob MacLeod

Bob serves on the International Finance team at Campus Crusade for Christ. He works as the project manager for DonorWise, a ministry donation software. As part of his ministry he installs DonorWise in Campus Crusade’s overseas offices as well as trains new missionaries on how to properly manage their finances.

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  • Al Swanson says:


    I am a webmaster and setting up a website for a orphaned children missionary site located in Pakistan.

    Basically they are really in need, and from what I am able to ascertain overloaded with so many cares here.

    So I am looking to get donors to assist them by donating.

    I have seen other sites that allow donors to directly sign up for giving right on the website; will this program you have here be able to also do that ?

    I have not delved deeply enough into it – ie your system – but right off the bat I am wondering about that aspect ?

    Thank you for your help,

    Albert Swanson

    • Bob MacLeod says:

      Hi, Albert. Thanks for your message. TntMPD is actually designed to help the missionary or ministry track the relationships with the donors. It is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It is not a financial processing tool.

      There is a companion product called DonorWise (www.donorwise.com), which is the ministry-side software. It records the contributions and produces the receipts for the donors. It also takes that information and feeds both TntMPD (for the end user–missionary or ministry leader) and the accounting system (it is not an accounting system by itself; it works *with* the accounting system). But DonorWise also does not have an online giving–or any giving–component. It simply records the gifts that are already received.

      If you want to set up a site to manage giving, AND you have a U.S.-based 501(c)3 organization, let me recommend PureCharity.com. PureCharity is a charitable giving fund that does exactly what you are asking. You can set up a giving page for the orphanage there, and donors can give online. PureCharity charges a small administrative fee (like any non-profit must to fund their operations), and once a month forwards the net proceeds to the U.S.-based 501(c)3 recipient. PureCharity is a tax-exempt foundation, so when the donor gives via PureCharity, PureCharity handles all of the processing, credit card fees, and receipting. All the ministry has to do is thank the donors. 🙂

      I mention U.S.-based because you said the ministry is in Pakistan. In order for you to receive tax-deductible gifts in the U.S., you are going to need a tax-exempt organization in the U.S. to receive those funds.

      If you set up an account with PureCharity, you can still use both DonorWise and/or TntMPD to manage the relationship side of the donor relationship (such as thank yous, sending reports about the children, etc.).

      This message is intentionally succinct. If you have further questions, please let me know!

      Bob MacLeod

  • Alex Mercado says:

    Anyone know how to contact Bob Mac Leod? The Google sign-on feature at tntware.com is broken, so I can’t put in a help ticket to inform him that the Google sign-on feature is broken!

    • David Peach says:

      I would recommend any of the links on this post. His website is listed which has a contact form. The main TntMPD site has ways of getting in touch with them.

    • Bob MacLeod says:

      I got your email this morning. I am well aware–too aware–that the Google sign-on feature has been offline for more than 9 months. This is because Cru has been working to release the trademarks and licenses to TntWare to the developer. This has resulted in a freeze of all new releases–including bug fixes like this Google login. I have reason to believe this may be resolved in the next two weeks, but I cannot guarantee it.

  • Sarah says:

    We’re missionaries in Ukraine and have been struggling with quicken for 8 years. It has stopped being updated and I was trying to find alternative before that . . .What do you recommend for accounting? We need something to track 3 donations and expenses in 3 currencies as well as bank accounts in three currencies ($, £, and UAH)

    • David Peach says:

      I don’t know if TntMPD will do what you need. Another alternative in this realm is Donor Manager. They might be worth looking into.

    • Bob MacLeod says:

      In addition to Donor Manager, you may also want to consider DonorWise (www.donorwise.com). at least for the short-term. DonorWise is free and was developed by the same person who built TntMPD. It is extremely robust in terms of donation processing. It handles donation processing and receipting–including e-receipting. However, because it is a free product, it does not have any tech support aside from the free forum (like TntMPD does). DonorWise supports multi-currency and is also translatable.

      The downside to DonorWise, aside from no centralized tech support, is that it is a Windows, desktop-based software. It runs off a local computer only. It’s not web-based or multi-site.

  • Dave Sherman says:

    Can you explain how to link the Tasks in TNTMPD to my gmail tasks and reminders?

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